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I'm a bit shy about telling people I have a blog. For one thing, I can't think of a good reason to even have a blog, (Vanity) and for another thing, if my friends read my blog it means I can't write about them behind their backs.

But, I've bitten the bullet and included a link to my blog in an email to my brother. I didn't actually say, "Hey bro, here is my blog" so much as I tacked the link to the bottom of the email. Maybe he will get curious and look at it. If so, everyone "Shhhh . .. " no more talking smack about PerilousKnits' brother!
Tags: family

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February 2 2006, 15:59:01 UTC 14 years ago

You mean you've had a blog all this time and never told me? Bad little sis!
-- PerilousKnits' bro.
Who, that didn't take you long!
I don't blog, myself, it's too linear and chrono-limiting. Instead, I wiki. (
-- Perilousknits'bro
I'm sorry, but did you just say "too linear?" Stop messing with my head! You are supposed to be "The linear one" and I am supposed to be "the random one." This was arranged years ago. You are not keeping up your end!
Change is inevitable...especially if it allows you to mess with your little sister. -- PerilousKnits'bro
Oh yeah? Well . . . you're a poop head!
Last word --PerilousKnits'bro
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