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Celebrities Who Look Like Dad

It's a bit of a running joke around here that my Dad bears an uncanny resemblance to certain celebrities. Topping the list are Richard Dreyfuss and Red Green. But Red Green is my favorite, because he doesn't just look like Dad, he also wears Dad's hat (or a hat that is the brother of Dad's Hat).

Dad's hat is famous, both in and out of the family. When I was in high school, and in marching band, if it was Dad's weekend, he would come to the football games to pick me up. Even the out-of-town games, when it meant a four or more hour drive for him.

Sometimes Dad wouldn't make it to the stadium before it was time for the band to leave the stands and go stand next to the field to get ready for the half-time show. So I would be standing over to the side of the field, waiting for those darn jocks to finish up so we could freaking march already! when one of my friends would poke me on the shoulder and say, "Your Dad just got here." And I would say, "He did? I didn't see him." and my friend would say, "Look, you can see his hat, moving along that crowd of people over there." Sure enough, if I looked in the right direction, there was Dad's Hat, moving along a row of people, and under the hat was a beige oval, and dark smudge that must be his beard.

Then Dad's Hat would stop, and Dad would sit down on the stadium bench, and the jocks would score a point or two or however many, and the half-time show would begin. All through the three songs we played as we marched, I kept an eye on that Hat, knowing that Dad was underneath it.

So, because I am too blarggy (blarggy = to be sick with allergies an unable to function beyond basic survival skills) to do anything interesting with my day, much less blog about the interesting thing, I will post a video.

I give you: A Celebrity Who Looks Like Dad!

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