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2007 in Review

This past year:

We had the house re-leveled.
We ripped up the (damaged) wood flooring and had a stained concrete floor "installed" by professionals.
But when we moved into the house, we moved in on glue-encrusted concrete floors.

We painted two downstairs rooms.

We figured out why half of the electrical outlets in the house didn't work, and fixed it.

We replaced the master bathtub faucet. Twice.

Dog 2 ate something too big to digest, and had to have it surgically removed.
When he recovered from his surgery, he seemed to get sick again. We found out he had spondylosis, and possibly a tumor near his spine. He declined rapidly, had to be carried everywhere and coaxed to eat. After two hellish months of pain (him) and lack of sleep (all of us), he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Cheerful Great Aunt was diagnosed with throat cancer, and we spent a lot of time traveling to visit her. Then, we traveled to her funeral.

My step mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is undergoing treatment.

The roof began leaking over the utility room. We pretended not to notice, because we were busy enough, thank you.

We got 60 inches of rain between January and August. What didn't leak into the Utility Room flowed down the hil to the end of the backyard and made a mosquito-breeding pond for several months.

The Millennium Falcon 'came down with', one at a time, and was cured of: broken timing belt, leaky radiator hoses, bad water pump, bad fuel pump. Two of these were warranty repairs, but not the really pricey thing, that one was out-of-pocket.

Some new people joined the family: BabyDaddy married Cousin B. Squidward was born.

We had house-guests: Klio came and stayed a week (or was it two?). Snorty Stompy and Healer Woman, together and separately. Their dogs also visited.

Fezzik came to live with us.

I planted trees in the backyard: four apples, one four-in-one pear. In 2011, we'll have fruit to eat.

Our neighbor cut down the huge tree that was shading our yard and leaning towards the house in a threatening manner, but only after we'd already invested four hours in pruning it. Our backyard is now so sunny, it's painful to go out there without sunglasses.

None of the dogs got skunked.

We did little things to make our house homey, like installing an RO filter in the kitchen, rearranging our furniture, and talking my grandmother out of some paintings and framed embroideries.

Sweetienookums had throat surgery (UPPP and tonsilectomy) and had his deviated septum straightened. The insurance company announced the day after his surgery that they didn't want to pay for it after all.

Our mortgages (we have two) were each sold to other banks. Twice. The new banks insist that they need the same paperwork we had already given the other banks. Bank of America is particularly bad about threatening to fine us money if we don't prove that we're insured.

Business was slow as the profuse rains made it hard to plant, then the subsequent drought make it pointless to start new plants. However, the weeding and mulching side of my business held steady.

I added 'chauffeur' to my list of job skills as one of my landscaping clients, recovering from shoulder surgery, asked me to take her on her errands. What the heck, it's not like I could do any gardening in all that rain.

Did I mention that we had a lot of rain?

We found out that the fig tree near the front door: 1. is too big to be near the front door, 2. is so fast-growing it almost lunges for your eyes, 3. makes watery, tasteless figs that ferment within minutes of ripening.

Our seven foot tall cholla cactus, after months of terrifying our visitors, finally fell over and blocked most of our driveway. We were relieved to get rid of it, but annoyed at having to chop up and dispose of something covered in sharp spines.

We paid off two credit cards and are close to paying off the last one.

Edited to add:

* We moved in to the house towards the beginning of the year, with lots of help from SnortyStompy, Healer Woman, and Epona's Girl.

* I did a permaculture presentation at a 'natural living' expo.

* I knitted a number of items to give as gifts.

* We had the downstairs drywall repaired after the house-leveling caused multiple cracks. This took about a week, with contractors scraping the old sprayed acoustic pop-corn down, and coving the remains up with a spray-knockdown texture.

Sweetienookums wrote that part for me. I would have said, "Some drywall contractors fixed the walls and made the repairs seamlessly match the rest of the walls." But Sweetie is the son of a Drywaller, so he knows all these phrases like "spray-knockdown texture."

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