March 23rd, 2011

Captain Hammer = bully

Customer Q

Is it just me or is the Snuffleupadon sometimes a bit of a Spaz?  Those of you who know him, is he as difficult to keep up with as I think, or am I just obtuse?  Take today, for example, we were driving home from work talking about, you know -- work, when we had this conversation (The parts in parenthesis are my inner thoughts):

Him:   . . . And then I had another customer who chatted with me about our favorite football teams while I reinstalled her software.

Me:  That's cool.

Him:  Oh, and we're going to see a Priest.

Me:  We are?  (Did we become Catholic while I wasn't looking)

Him:  Yes, because Maggie Q is in it.

Me:  [confused face] (thinking: he has a customer named Maggie who is a Priest and we are going to visit her?)  What?

Him:  She's half-Vietnamese and was raised in Hawaii and she's in it.

Me:  In what?

Him:  the MOVIE!

Me:  What movie?

Him:  Priest!

Me:  Oh!  She's not A priest, but she's in the the movie, Priest.  Does she have a speaking role or is she an extra?

Him: She has a fairly major part.

Me: If she has such a major part why is she calling our technical support line to have you reinstall shipping software? She works on the shipping dock for fun?

Him:  No, she's not a customer!!!  Don't you ever listen to anything I say?!

Me:  Yes, we were talking about customers you talked to today and I was listening and then sudenly there's a chick named Maggie Q.  How was I supposed to know she's not just some other person who called in?

Him:  No, NO.  She's that actress from Priest. We saw the trailers?  Remember?

Me:  (Yes, but the Trailers we watched did not have INTRODUCING MAGGIE Q WHO IS NOT A FEDEX CUSTOMER splashed all over the screen, strangely enough)  Sorry. I forgot. 

Sometimes I want to grab him by the shoulders and shake him while I yell:  Who What When Where and How and IN ORDER!