December 12th, 2010

My Feet

2010 -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


We are making more money than we did in 2009.  Just a dollar an hour more, but that's a huge improvement . . .

We have a roommate, the Houseboy, and he likes to cook!

We have been able to get slightly more involved in the SCA.  We're still what my Dona classifies as "inactive members" but the small number of of events we've been able to attend has done wonders for morale. We feel like part of a community of friends, even if we only see them once a month, for a couple of hours . . .

As long as I keep my desk tidy and refrain from stabbing coworkers with my embroidery scissors, no one at work cares if I sew or knit or embroider all day long.  Naturally, I can't drag in the whole sewing machine.  But, provided I can find time at home to iron the fabric, cut out the pattern, and zig-zag the edges, I can do most of the assembly by hand. I get a lot of "costuming" done that way.  

The Snuffleupadon and I are getting along well with each other and are very happy with our relationship. I don't talk about our relationship much in public because I get all embarrassed, but suffice to say, we are happy together and I think we'll make it. 

The Bad
As grateful as the Snuffleupadon and I are to have jobs, as much as we appreciate the company's willingness to hire us in the first place, we are swiftly losing our sense of job-satisfaction.  The schedule we are stuck with makes normal life impossible.  We are constantly out-of-phase with anyone we might want to visit or even call on the phone.  We are unable to take trips because we never have two days off in a row.  We've been agitating for better schedules since early September.  They tell us that schedules can be swapped around whenever a the department adds new people, but there have been three groups of newbies roll in since we first brought up the subject of a schedule change, and . . . nothing.

Also, recently some of the upper management wandered off to find better paying jobs and the people who have taken their places are people who value ass-kissing more than competence. We have started losing the superiors we relied on to make our own jobs easier (Read-- upper management kicked them out).  This, combined with the bad schedule, is making us think more and more about just looking for work elsewhere. 

The Ugly

All that stuff that needed repair, replacing, or maintenance back in 2008 when there was no money for it, well. . . it has exploded now.  We basically spent all of that extra dollar-an-hour on things-that-should-have-been-replaced-two-years-ago.  Things like Tires, the clutch on my car, an axle on my car, etc. Still waiting in line: prescription eyeglasses (three years old now and causing headaches), the kitchen stove (randomly doesn't work), and a leaky roof in the utility room.  Also, the dryer is not heating up like it should, but still dries clothes if you use a higher setting, and the washing machine also has to be coaxed into working, but I expect those to hang on another year.  

Also, after 32 years of allergies to pollen, dust, and cats, I am now also allergic to MOLD!  Note that I live in a city that once got 60 inches of rain in one year.  yay.