February 2nd, 2006

My Feet


I'm a bit shy about telling people I have a blog. For one thing, I can't think of a good reason to even have a blog, (Vanity) and for another thing, if my friends read my blog it means I can't write about them behind their backs.

But, I've bitten the bullet and included a link to my blog in an email to my brother. I didn't actually say, "Hey bro, here is my blog" so much as I tacked the link to the bottom of the email. Maybe he will get curious and look at it. If so, everyone "Shhhh . .. " no more talking smack about PerilousKnits' brother!
My Feet

Sweetinookums: 1, Me: 2

Once again, it's time to play "Is it a cold, or allergies." And the winner is . .. Cold. I got it first which mean I win this round. I get one point for every, in Sweetienookums own words, horrible disease I pass along to my beloved. If you've been following this blog, that comes to one point for him and two points for me since I began blogging.

Funny how when I was sick the first day, he thought I was an unreasonable, demanding, high maintanence bitch. This is why I love it when he catches my colds. Because after I was recovering and he came down with the chills and body aches, he was totally grovelling at my feet. "Oh My God, you are so brave to be only a little bitchy when you felt this awfull. You are the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful person on the planet." I love it when men say that to me!

Anyway, I feel mostly all better now, which means I can go out and run errands. Little things like paying rent . . .