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Last night Sweetienookums started snoring (in spite of his CPAP machine) and I poked him and said, "Can you roll over, please?" Only I was really sleepy and it probably sounded more like "Camaphrafumsmsmsm." He of course said "Huh?"

Me: Roll over on your side.
S: But I am on my side.
(without opening my eyes I groped in his general direction and found he was in fact lying on his back)
M: No you're not.
S: If I scoot over any more I'll fall off the bed!
M: Wha . . . can't . . . but . . . (a few attempts to make solid words come out)
S: My elbow is hanging off the edge of the mattress and I can't scoot over any more.

At whatever-o-clock in the morning, I am not very smart. And, I feel weepy if something stops me from getting sleep when I am so exhausted. So, weepy, frustrated, and stupid, I said:
M: You don't have to scoot over, just lift yourself up and change position!
S: (finally awake enough to think straight) What are you talking about?
M: You're snoring and I need you to roll over!
S: Oh!!! Okay.

Sweetienookums rolled over and went back to sleep. I finally figured out that while I was telling him to roll over he thought I was telling him to get back on his side of the bed. After I figured that out, I thought, "This'll be really funny in the morning, but right now I'm too tired." There was no further snoring for the rest of the night.

And when we woke up and remembered the conversation, it was funny. Really really funny!

Also in the news:

My niece K, the youngest in the extended family, fell off a kiddie sized chair she was standing on and broke her leg. Just a simple fracture. I don't know why the doctors didn't put here in a cast, but they used a metal splint and bandage system. Only the lower half of her leg is splinted -- she can still move her knee. After bandaging her up so she could still move her knee, the doctor handed her over to my step-sister and said "keep her off that leg for 48 hours." Yeah, sure, take a child just learning to walk, and child who loves to stand up and bounce, an energetic toddler, and "keep her off that leg for 48 hours." How about splinting the knee so she *can't* get up onto that leg in the first place? It's not like K is an only child! No, my sister also has an energetic 4 year old boy to keep track of, so it's not like she can hover over K and her leg all day long. Do the doctors expect her to strap K into the baby seat and leave her there for 48 hours?


Stupid customer of the week. A man called and asked questions about starting a raised bed garden. He asked about the different types of soil mixes we sell for raised beds. BTW, we sell soil mixes in bulk, by the cubic yard.

He recited some measurements for a raised bed and then asked, "If I get soil mix A, how much do I need to fill that size of a bed?"
Me: "With those dimensions, you will need two cubic yards."
Him: "Two yards?"
Me: "That's right."
Him: "Well what if I used soil mix B? How much would I need then?"
Me: "You would need two cubic yards."

Thank you; you've been a great audience.
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