perilousknits (perilousknits) wrote,

Go Speed Racer!

Squidward came over today so I could babysit him while his parents attended a wake.  A friend of theirs lost her parents in a private-plane wreck and they wanted to be at the wake for them without a toddler in tow.

Squidward has grown a lot and can now basically be trusted not to put strange things in his mouth.  Therefore, I felt safe letting him run around for whole minutes at a time without direct supervision.  His current favorite word is "Backhoe."

He asked me several times for a video, so we sat in front of the computer and surfed Youtube.  Sesame Street was pretty interesting for a few minutes, but then he got bored.  I tried a couple of kid's music videos and no luck there.  Finally, I hit on Speed Racer, and he found that Fascinating.  Next time he comes over, I'll try to be prepared in advance with not only Speed Racer, but also Bob the Builder ("Truck!  Backhoe!")

Tags: family

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